• Inventive, playful and unique designs that combine a wide array of cultural association and humor with nature as an inspiration. Meaningful elements are symbolically represented in a fresh, innovative, and aesthetic way. See the entire collection
  • ceMMent Design is a design studio in the Old City of Jaffa, Israel featuring contemporary household objects and Judaica. Designed by Marit Meisler, the objects are made of concrete, bringing an architectural quality to household objects. See the entire collection
  • This contemporary design of a Pomegranate Shabbat candlesticks is a symbol of an abundance of wisdom and good deeds. It has been used for centuries to adorn Jewish ritual objects. See the entire line
  • Made from brass or aluminum, our contemporary Mezuzah cases, handmade by the Israeli artist Anat Basanta have a unique design. A perfect combination of clean contemporary surface and the traditional ornamentation inside. See the entire line

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White Concrete Mezuzah shin in color - Blue

This contemporary design places a white concrete object back into its original architectural context. The ש (Shin) letter is located inside a sea of blue polymer. This Mezuzah is suitable for a 12cm parchment. Kosher scrolls sell seperately.

ceMMent by Marit Meisler, Original designs 

Good Luck and Health Garlic

This unique piece is handmade from brass by the Israeli contemporary artist Anat Basanta. Garlic is a traditional charm for promoting good health and good luck.


Contemporary Pea Menorah

The Pea Menorah or Chanukiah is inspired by the pea shell, this design of the Menorah uses candles instead of the peas. It is a simple, clean, and beautiful modern design. Original design by the artist Anat Basanta. A beautiful gift for Chanukah.

Contemporary XL Mezuzah

This extra large impressive mezuzah is a contemporary ,clean, modern and  unique design of ~8 inch (20 cm). Original design by the artist Anat Basanta. 



Welcome to Contemporary Judaica Designs, your source of Judaica, Jewish and Israeli gifts, and modern artistic jewelry and designs. We offer the finest selection of Contemporary Mezuzah cases, Mezuzah Scrolls, Menorahs, Candle holders, Jewelry, Hamsa Hands, Pomegranate key chains, and many other special gifts for Weddings, Brits, Yom Tov, birthdays, holidays, job promotions, and all sort of other occasions. Our Contemporary Judaica Designs line features an inventive, playful artistic objects, and jewelry that combine a wide array of cultural association and humor. With nature as an inspiration, meaningful elements are symbolically represented in a fresh, innovative, and aesthetic way. Fine workmanship and technical mastery are melded with traditional technology, resulting in a clean contemporary style and look.

All our upscale, high end products are made in Israel by Jewish Israeli artists and are gift wrapped in a way that represents the line. Our products are hand crafted, not part of a production line, and are unique in many ways. Our Contemporary Judaica Designs are globally recognized and available in fine retailers worldwide including in Jewish museum shops in Germany, Israel, Canada, and the USA. We currently feature the Modern Judaica line by the Israeli artist Anat Basanta, and the Contemporary Judaica ceMMent Designs by Marit Meisler. We also represnt other hand made contemporary designs by other Israeli artists.